Shoes for Your Wedding

When it comes to buying shoes for your wedding,the one and only piece of advice I can give you is to think comfort first. Those beautiful stilettos will be a nightmare by the end of the reception. You won't sit down much and your feet will be yelling for mercy. I'm not one for the sneaker idea under your gown, but footwear with very low or no heal would be a wise choice; perhaps more of a ballet style.

If your dress is short and calls for a high heeled fashion, be sure to purchase another pair for the reception. Your feet and back will thank you for choosing a much more reasonable style. With all the styles out there for the choosing, I don't think you'll have a problem finding the perfect low heeled footwear.

Other than that, be sure that your choice is not all too plain, but that it compliments your dress.

An outdoor wedding also calls for a wedge or low heel. If you wear a stiletto, you run the chance of sinking into the ground and having to wiggle the heel out as you walk, especially if the ground is wet. So stick to the wedge or low heel and save yourself the unflattering wiggle.

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