Outdoor Wedding Makeup Tips

These are my outdoor wedding makeup tips. I by no means am a make up consultant, but I think that if you keep your makeup as natural and wear as little as possible to still look your best, you should be fine. The main thing to remember is that it could be hot enough to make you perspire and, if so, your makeup will not last long.

Go easy on the eye makeup otherwise you may wind up looking like a raccoon or like someone socked you in the eye. A waterproof brand is a good choice here.

If you are not sure about what makeup would be best for you, then I would definitely consult someone in the makeup business, like a Mary Kay representative or someone of that nature.

There are lots of brands, techniques and shades that can be suggested by someone with that type of expertise and a lot of the tips are free. You can also search the internet for techniques and know how.

Should you want to spend the money on air brushed makeup, it is definitely a way to have weather proof makeup for your big day. Most brides will find at least one person in their town that offers this service, though it is a fairly new technique. Prices do vary and you may have to do some footwork to find someone reputable.

All in all, the best advice I can give is the less makeup you wear for an outdoor wedding the better off you will be. Of course, you do want some color on your cheeks and lips for better photographs, but go light everywhere else.

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