Printable-Wedding-Lists to Make Your Planning Easier

Stay organized and keep your hair! These printable-wedding-lists will help you to stay on top of the game and stop you from pulling out your hair. The lists are free. Print them and keep them in your wedding planning notebook. Having them in the notebook will keep them where you can access, edit or delete information without hassle.

Wedding Planning Notebook Front Page.

More Wedding Planning Notebook Front Pages.

Wedding Budget Worksheet

Wedding Planning Timeline

Wedding Guest List

Wedding Announcement List

Keeping It All Together

Summary Checklist

Ceremony and Reception Checklist

Rehearsal Checklist

Transportation Checklists

Marriage License Checklist

Wedding Day Transportation Planning Sheet

Wedding Day Necessities Checklist

Photo and Video Checklist

Why do I like these printable-wedding-lists you might ask?  Well, there are many advantages to hard copy lists.  One is you can look at several lists side by side while planning. Another is that on your wedding day some people will not have their mobile phones on them, so copies near places that are relevant to what people need to know is the way to go.

Sign Up For Your Bridal Registry

While you are not feeling the pressure of all that's going to happen in the last few weeks of your wedding planning, go ahead and sign up for your bridal registries.  Register as early as six months before your wedding. You want to give family, friends, and other guests lots of good choices for those gifts they're sure to give you.

Now, don't go overboard, but don't be afraid to put lots of items on your registry....low, medium and high cost.  This gives good choices in all price ranges, because you'll have people looking to spend differing amounts.

Choose two or three stores. I'm listing a few stores here, but you probably want to register at a few local stores too.‎

Don't Ask for Money

We were all taught not to ask for money when we were growing up, but there are ways to do it without actually saying, "Can I have some money?".  You can register for stocks through a website called  Couples can also finance their honeymoon through travel agencies and a website like 

Isn't that nice? You can mind your manners and still get what you want....Money, money, money.

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Setting the Date
Buying Wedding Invitations
Wedding Invitation Wording

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