Just how is a couple supposed to go about setting-the-date of such an important life event? The challenge would be to pick a date that has the least conflict with you and your fiance‘s schedule and also the schedule of close family members and friends. Of course, if you have a special date that brings a special, sentimental aspect to the wedding, by all means work around that date.

Let’s go over a few things that should be considered when setting-the- date. Many sites must be reserved anywhere from twelve to twenty-four months in advance. So if you have your heart set on a popular site in your area, or for popular months or days, you will have to plan accordingly. My timeline should help you out.

The most popular months for setting-the-date for weddings are May through October, with December and February following close behind. If you choose one of these months, you certainly want to make reservations early. Saturday is the most preferred day for weddings. Friday nights and Sundays are also a pretty popular choice. Choosing a month or day that is not in much demand may lower your cost significantly and your bargaining power may also increase as locations and vendors are eager for business in the less busy season.

You may also want to consider the time of day. The time of day can set the tone of your wedding and impact the cost of your big event. Weddings that take place earlier in the day generally cost less than late in the afternoon and evening weddings.

There are two more factors that must be considered. Though you may be able to have a gown in two months in some locations, many wedding gowns must be ordered four to six months before the wedding. If your wedding will take place in less time, you would most likely have to have it made, borrow one, or purchase one off the rack. Secondly, you should consider the honeymoon plans. When setting the date, consider whether it's a good time of year to honeymoon where you’ve always dreamed of going? Be sure to allow yourself enough time to plan well enough to have the wedding you always dreamed of.

Lastly, I’ll give you a few heads up on things to avoid. One of those is not picking a time of day for the wedding that would have your guests traveling in rush hour traffic. The second thing I would caution you against is scheduling during tourist season if you live in a tourist area. Religious restrictions may be a consideration for some and finally, don’t set the date of your wedding near dates of sad or devastating memories. Those memories may overshadow your wedding. 

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