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Wedding Favors
May 03, 2024
Hope you have fun on your journey!

Hello Beautiful Brides,

Wedding favors.....yes or no? In general my answer would be to cut out favors to save some money. Why? Because a lot get left behind by your guests. You spend money on these, but your guests just don't appreciate them as much as you think.

You decide to make some DIY favors, only to be disappointed that 50% or more still lay around when guests are gone. Or you have spending regret because those "perfect" little favors you bought on amazon were not so perfect.

If you are set on favors, here are a few tips:

Don't choose trinkets. You know what I'm talking about. Coozies, can openers or keychains to name a few. Your guests have to find a place for them. Some may sit in their cars or junk drawers for years and never get used. Then at some point in time it gets thrown out. Things that need a place to live may not be your best choice.

Do choose things that get used. These are chocolates, cookies, little jars of jam or honey or, like my Louisiana friends, small jars of Tabasco. People eat them enjoy them and then they're gone. Short lived favors are best.

No matter what favor you choose, some guest just won't take them. Maybe they don't like honey, or candles. That's okay. The point is to choose something that will have a greater chance of being taken.

There's a reason why it's suggested by a lot of planners and blog writers to not spend money on favors. The hard truth is it's a lot of waisted time and money. I mean we're talking $1-$4 per guest. Or hours and hours of Crafting. It adds up.

Choose something that you and your family would use if they get left behind. Packs of tea? Great! I love tea. I'll use whatever doesn't get taken.

If it helps to add to the story of the wedding go for it. Just be sure it's something you're ok with having a lot left over after the wedding.

Maybe putting that chunk of cash towards something that helps with the feel of your wedding would make more sense. Perhaps just spending that much less makes more sense.

All of that being said, I won't say never give favors. I will say don't do it out of obligation. Don't just have favors because you think it's the thing to do. But if it really makes sense to you and you really want to send your guest off with something nice, make it something they can enjoy but is used up in a short period of time so that they don't have to find a place for it.

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