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Wedding Design On A Budget
April 05, 2024
Hope you have fun on your journey!

Hello Beautiful Brides,

So, you see all the wedding tv shows and magazines with the great no expense spared decor for the reception and you feel it in your bones that you want to go all out but your budget won't cover it. Wedding design on a budget mean you don't have to give up on your dreams all together. You just have to use your space wisely and be strategic with your "wow factor".

This means that you place your great attention getting piece at the center of the focal point and then doing a minimum centerpiece on your other tables. Use the majority of your design budget for one show stopping moment and let the rest be used to carry the look to the other tables.

Below you can see how one awesome floral piece can give you all the vibes. It could be one large single arrangement or a canopy. It really doesn't matter as long as it's a show case piece.

The pictures of the show stopper will be what your photographer captures to show how gorgeous your venue was.

Then, once you decide on your show stopper, you use minimal decor for the rest of the tables. Like the examples below. Just be sure that the vibe stays the same. You don't want to have a mismatched style going on.

Another trick is to have large spaces between centerpieces on long tables or to only do every other table for rounds.

One largely overlooked trick is to use napkins for that "wow factor". Napkins done right with glassware shining in the light always looks elegant. I call it Napkin Talk. If you let your napkins talk in the right way, no one will even miss the flowers.

And there you have it. Hopefully this has sparked your creativity and that some of the tips are helpful to you.

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Happy Planning!

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