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Bad Pinterest Wedding Ideas
June 08, 2024
Hope you have fun on your journey!

Hello Beautiful Brides,

Today I'm going to address some of the bad Pinterest wedding ideas that maybe some of you have pinned on your planning board. Although the pictures of these make you say, "Oh, look at that. That's so pretty I want to do it." In reality they may be a big let down and even a great embarrassment.

1. Sitting on Hay Bales

Getty Images/Rafa Fernandez Torres

If you're wanting that ranch, country or rustic look this may at first seem like a great idea. And if you are a farm girl even better because you have these at your disposal without having to spend money. However, hay bales can be a disaster in the making.

Hay bales harbor bugs. Even if you think they are clean, just sitting on the ground for a few hours (and they will be) allows little creepy crawlers to find a home. Spraying is not an option, because some of your guests may have an allergic reaction to the repellant.

Speaking of allergic reactions, some of your guests may be allergic to grass. Hay is dried grass, so those guests will say no, no, no, h**l no.

Another draw back is that hay is prickly, so you need to cover them. And if you want it to be comfy it needs to have some thickness. A flimsy light piece of cloth will let the little stems from the more sturdy grass poke through.

Lastly, if it even drizzles rain, you now have wet seating. Who wants a wet butt? No one I know.

2. Champaign Walls


Ok, I have to say this is lovely, BUT who wants room temperature or hot champaign? These have to be filled and ready for your guests as they arrive, which means they have to be filled ahead of time and hung there for the taking. There are so many other things going on at this point, that unless you can have a dedicated person for just this task, it will probably underwhelm your guests. Warm bubbly of any kind is not impressive.

Besides being warm, most of the bubbles will have bubbled away. So, now your guests have flat champaign.

3. Elaborate Candle Lighting

Beautiful! Beautiful that is until you think that each one has to be lit by someone. Now don't get me wrong, if you have just one elaborate lighting like this, it is doable. But if you add on something like this.

Photo from

Now you have a real chore on your hands. I would suggest for the sanity of the people in charge of lighting the candles that you keep the candles to a reasonable number. Having hundreds of candles to light is daunting especially for the DIY ceremony or reception.
4. Pizza for Your Reception

I love pizza! Don't throw tomatoes at me, but not for a wedding reception, unless it's being made fresh and kept hot right there at the reception venue. Cold or lukewarm pizza is not what your guests want at a wedding. They want something that tastes food should be hot, cold food should be cold.

That being said, pizza is great for the after party. After all it's a party. The number of people remaining will have dwindled. Making the number of pizzas less and pizza, even if it's delivery, will be much more easily kept at a proper temp. Do try to have a plan for it to be still good and warm for serving. A late night pizza snack will be much appreciated.

5. Sparklers for the Exit

I'm not a fan of sparklers for the exit. Sparklers look awesome in the dark, but if you have children or adults that have had a little too much to drink waving around a sparkler you may have a bit more excitement than you bargained for. Those sparks can catch hair on fire and those metal sticks can poke out an eye. I'm sure a more safety minded person than me could even list more mishaps that might happen.

If you want a sparkling send off, consider just a few responsible adults holding those while the rest of the guests have something else with which to participate. Or if your budget allows, you could rent cold sparklers. These are boxes that are set off to look like a fountain of sparkle. They are pricey, but way more safe.

And there you have it. Hopefully this has given you a few things to think about while planning your wedding day. Stay safe and think ahead about how something will play out on a long day and you won't be sorry about your choices.

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Happy Planning!

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