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Zip Your Lip
March 07, 2024
Hope you have fun on your journey!

Hello Beautiful Brides,

I'm going to keep this very short today with a little bit of professional advice. If you want to keep your sanity while wedding planning, zip your lip. Don't talk to anyone outside of your close circle about your plans. No one else's opinion matters.

Talk to your bestie or your parents, but don't talk to people at work or at the ball park. People are opinionated. They will make you second guess your choices.

It's like a baby's gender reveal. No body knows the gender until the day the parents want to reveal what the baby will be. Keeping it a secret is the plan. Everyone has an idea and wants to give the parents their guesses, but it really doesn't change things one way or another. The same holds true for your wedding. What you and your significant other decide is all that matters.

If you've made decisions, don't second guess them. I know you want to share your joy and excitement with everybody, but they won't always be as excited or like your ideas as much as you do. You don't want any unsolicited feed back from joe blow. So find the people whose opinions matter to you that way if they do have something to add or something critical to say you're open to hearing it.

Your personal preferences and what you would like for your wedding day to look like is a very personal matter. Your day is all about you. So, protect your sanity and zip your lip.

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Happy Planning!

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