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Wedding Ceremony Beverages
February 16, 2024
Hope you have fun on your journey!

Hello Beautiful Brides,

Today I'm talking about wedding ceremony beverages. I don't know if it's just an oversite or the typical expectation, but most couples do not offer their wedding guests drinks at the ceremony. Hello!?

With the trend of outdoor weddings in full swing, it's something that should be considered. Imagine this. Your early bird guests are arriving as much as an hour early to your wedding site. "Aunt Suzzie" is getting thirsty. Unfortunately she didn't think to bring a water bottle. Do you have anything for her to drink readily available? There's a public water fountain, but who wants to drink out of those? (YUCK!) She's been sitting now for an hour when the ceremony begins. Thirty to forty-five more minutes pass before the end of the ceremony. At this point it's been close to two hours. Now she's parched and will complain about it for the next however long. But this could have been avoided.

Have at least a self serve dispenser of water at your ceremony! You can even raise the bar a notch with seltzers, Heineken, flavored water, tea, lemonade or any other non-alcoholic beverage in a dispenser, can or bottle. Believe me. If you want something that's unique, do this. Your guests will thank you! "Aunt Suzzie" will thank you.

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